Fun Summer Activities For Kids in 2020

child enjoying playing outside during summer family vacation

School is out, and the summer adventures are here, so as temperatures warm up, it’s no wonder that kids want to spend their free time outdoors, whether in the backyard or on a fun-packed day trip. Making sure your kids are entertained for the whole summer can be a daunting task for any parent, but rest assured, as we’ve complied a list of fun summer activities for kids in 2020 and adventures that will supply hours of endless fun.

enjoying fun summer activities for kids in the sunshine

Read on to find some awesome summer outdoor activities and adventures that will create summer memories your kids will never forget!

1. Summer fun for kids in 2020: make them a DIY slip and slide

Cool the kids down (and tire them out!) with this frugal, DIY slip and slide perfect for summer fun for kids and summer outdoor activities in 2020. Visit the hardware store and invest in a heavy-duty, clear plastic sheet or a camping tarp. Place the material on a slope, add flowing water from a garden hose and a bit of baby shampoo, and watch the hours of entertainment unfold for the kids, no matter what their age.

child enjoying DIY slip and slide and summer fun for kids

2. Outdoor crafts for kids this summer 2020

Kids love to get creative. When you supply them with paints, pens, and paper, though, things are sure to get messy. An outdoor crafts for kids station allows them to spend time outside on a sunny day and will hinder your worry of them spilling paint on the floors, walls, and everything in between. Combine bubble mix and food coloring, and watch the kids create a masterpiece while enjoying one of our top picks for fun summer activities for kids in 2020!

outdoor crafts for kidsPhoto from Broogly

3. Create the best obstacle course: ideas for fun outdoor summer activities for kids in 2020

For winning outdoor summer activities, a backyard obstacle course can help kids use up the endless amount of innate energy they all seem to have. Create a mini competition for the older kids and offer a small prize, which is bound to make things more interesting. You could even include the aforementioned slip and slide for even more obstacle course ideas!

Using pool noodles is a great way to create your own obstacles while also being safety conscious and preventing injuries. Be sure to check out these other awesome backyard games just using pool noodles, too—who knew they were so versatile?

obstacle course ideas for fun summer activities for kids Photo from Parents.

4. Cheap summer activities like a nature scavenger hunt will surely keep kids happily occupied in 2020

A backyard scavenger hunt is a great way for kids to use there curiosity and discover new things. Hours of determined exploration to find these items—and the inevitable excitement on their faces when they do—will be a joyous afternoon for both you and them. Check out this free, printable scavenger hunt checklist to make your job even easier!

a scavenger hunt and one of the fun summer activities for kids Photo from Soeasybeinggreen

5. Explore the best national parks for kids in summer 2020

Share the serene beauty of national park camping with your kids, and prepare for a look of wonder to spread over their faces all day long, thanks to the views, lakes, and wildlife spotting sure to ensue. Many national parks have events, trails, and activities catered towards children, which is super helpful to know before choosing which one to head to.

The U.S National Park Service has a page where you can check out what park is best suited to your children’s ages and what ongoing events there are to participate in. Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, for example, is perfect for visiting with kids, as there are many smaller hikes and free activities available, as well as some adrenaline-pumping activities for eager teens.

Quick tips:

  • Bring the basics, including SPF and plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Create games using the surrounding nature.
  • Be prepared for spontaneous exploration.
  • Don’t forget to take snacks with you!

two girls enjoying the best national parks for kids

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