How to take photos of your accommodation and its surroundings

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We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true when it comes to marketing in the travel industry. And even more so when showcasing your listing and getting it noticed more than others. Photos are the first things we notice and scroll through when we’re browsing and planning our next vacation. Good photos are absolutely vital to ensure you achieve as many confirmed bookings as possible. Discover some great tips and tricks for the perfect photo to highlight your listing!

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1. How to take good photos? Call attention to unique features.

Make sure to highlight your property’s spacious deck with mountain or valley views. Take good photos of that hot tub or pristine pool the whole family will love. Your guests will want to know about your special features instantly. Make a list of the unique features your listings boasts and make sure to grab a photo of it. Special things feature to note are awe-inspiring views, a majestic fireplace, and even friendly goats roaming the yard. Set yourself apart from the rest with quality images. You’ll be getting more bookings in a flash!

how to take good photos, draw attention to special features like hots tubs

2. Brighten up the interior

Beautiful interior shots, details, and interesting views are always a great thing to highlight. Bright interior shots of your property can do wonders in terms of getting bookings. If your property has stylish decor and a beautiful living room, you need to bring them to light. Bright light is always good to increase a photo’s impact. Try taking your photos on a sunny day. Open the windows and doors, and flood your property with natural light. Don’t be scared to turn lights on to add to natural light if there is not enough.  This simple piece of advice will give your guests a glowing perspective of your retreat, after all, nobody wants to be stuck in a darkroom on vacation.

to take good photos make sure the space is bright and light

3. How to take good photos? Make sure you have exterior images

If you don’t have quality images of your accommodation’s exterior, this can have a negative influence on receiving booking requests. Mostost guests want to get a general overview of the getaway they’re booking. Is your property a picturesque tree house in the forest or a cabin backed by snow-capped mountains? Whatever the beautiful landscape around your listing, you really need that exterior image to show it off. Try to take photos on a bright and sunny day or during the golden hour, i.e., the first or last hour of sunlight of the day. Go ahead, get out there, and give it a shot!

good photos will highlight toe surroundings

4. Focus on horizontal photos

On Glamping Hub, both in the search results and on the individual pages, we use a landscape, or horizontal, format for all images. Even if you don’t have any landscape photos for your portfolio yet, a medium- to a high-quality smartphone will be able to take some crisp and clear horizontal images that will make your unique rental pop. With just the click of a button, your property’s potential booking rate can increase instantly!

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5. Take a variety of pictures

You’ll want to make sure that all of the amenities your guests are going to have are perfectly clear from the get-go. Showing off an extensive set of images for your accommodation is a great way to capture the moment for all those potential new glampers. Including a mix of exterior and interior photos, as well as of the surrounding views and neighborhood. It is an easy and helpful way to allow your guests to truly understand what it will be like to vacation at your property. Additionally, if your listing is near a national park, or fun cultural activity take a snap and add it to your exterior images.

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6. Set the scene

Here’s where your aspiring interior designer can get creative. Imagine you’re about to have an open house—get rid of any unnecessary clutter, arrange some flowers, and make sure those surfaces are spick and span. Stylish, clean, and tidy spaces are more inviting to guests, but the main objective is an accurate portrayal of the way the accommodation will look when your eager glampers arrive. Grab a shot of guests having breakfast or lovely places to stop for a bite to eat to add to the atmosphere. And if your listing is a romantic spot for weddings or proposals, an image will show off this unique offer, perfectly. This straightforward tip is a surefire way to get your property snapped up in seconds!

interior or safari tent with two beds. The perfect Mother's day gift for moms in Oregon

7. Take good photos by using the best camera you have

Finally, higher-resolution images are a fantastic way to leave your accommodation looking picture-perfect, so utilizing the most powerful camera you have is key. On Glamping Hub, the aspect ratio for horizontal images is 3:2, and the ideal photo dimensions are 1440 pixels in width by 960 pixels in height. Most smartphones now can take high-quality images, but don’t be afraid to release that inner photographer should you have a digital, reflex, or compact camera lying around the house.

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