Romantic California New Year's Eve Getaways

By Haley Sullivan

If you think of a typical New Year's Eve, surely your mind will flood with images of dances and drinks, friends and flirts, and glitter and glam. But do you know anyone that's spending December 31 in a tree house nestled inside of Yosemite or sipping champagne in a luxury yurt along the Trinity River?

There's nothing wrong with a good New Year's party, but if you're looking for an unbelievably fresh way to ring in the New Year's with your honey, look no further. Below, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite romantic California getaways for New Year's Eve to help you welcome 2016 the right way!

Elegant Yurts Tucked Beneath Oak Trees on California Ranch

These luxury yurts are located just outside of the stunning coastal town of Cayucos. While the town is attractive in its own right, after viewing these yurts, you may feel inclined to never set foot off the property! Take your partner's hand and embark on a moonlit stroll on one of the property's nine hiking trails, or savor a bottle of wine together from the yurt's impressive wine cellar.

Fully Outfitted Yurt on Trinity River, Northern California

This deluxe yurt is the perfect place for a winter getaway. After checking out the area's excellent fishing rivers, cozy up to the electric fireplace with a blanket and a bottle of wine. Trinity County is recognzied for its phenomenal mountain views and, of course, the Trinity River, so a stay in this yurt will leave you with a lasting impression of the Pacific Northwest.

Glamping Tree House in Santa Cruz Mountains near Monterey Bay

If upon hearing "tree house," you envision flashlights, sleeping bags and packed snacks from Mom, then you're going to be pleasantly suprised with this glamping tree house. Sip your morning coffee on the deck among the towering redwood trees, and share a New Year's Eve kiss during a relaxing soak in the property's hot tub.

Luxury Airstream Trailers near Downtown Santa Barbara


Airstreams are making a huge comeback in California—and for good reason! Stay in one of these unique accommodations and have great access to some of the best attractions in Santa Barbara, including State Street and several fabulous beaches. With luxurious linens and modern appliances you will surely enjoy your stay in one of California's best beach towns. (And did we mention these trailers are pet-friendly?)

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