Creative Travel Gift Ideas for Dads

Enjoying gift ideas for dads: man looks out while grand canyon camping

Remember the first time Dad taught you to bait a hook or properly put up a tent? If only a unique outdoor gift will do this Father’s Day, we have the answer! Creative travel gift ideas that are perfect for dads who have a touch of wanderlust and want to get outdoors. Plan to get Dad an experience gift with a Glamping Hub gift card. Travel somewhere fun for Father’s Day this year. A Glamping Hub gift card is the kind of gift that really keeps on giving.

Purchase your dad a Glamping Hub gift card this year so that he can decide exactly what he wants to get out of his summer weekend getaway. Whether he’d prefer an outdoor adventure, a relaxing retreat, or a bit of both, he will have no problem finding something that is right up his street.

The new GH gift cards are a great idea as a father's day gift this year

Take yourselves on an outdoor adventure: 2023 vacation ideas

Looking for gift ideas for dads who love adrenaline!  Why not arrange an outdoor adventure as one of the top gift ideas for Dads? If you’re looking for a US vacation, then there are plenty of travel gift ideas for dads to choose from. Grand Canyon camping is perfect if you’re in search of an Arizona getaway; hike the trails and enjoy the breathtaking views from a cabin rental.

Or perhaps your creative travel gift ideas for Dad need a bit of rushing water. Book a vacation rental near Yosemite Falls and enjoy the natural adventure of a Yosemite camping trip. Yosemite National Park is California’s trophy landscape, famed for its wealth of sequoia trees and towering cliffs. The sheer scale of the thing is simply breathtaking.

Or better yet, enjoy a Niagara Falls vacation when you visit New York. Getaways here are always a great idea, with the stunning water feature crashing between the US and Canada borders. With plenty of trails and viewpoints, you’re certain not to be disappointed. Of all the gift ideas for dads, a vacation away is sure to hit the spot.

Travel gift ideas for father's day: outdoor adventure camping: extreme camping

Unwind with a restful spa retreat or spiritual getaway

Why not treat him to a spa retreat vacation? He can put his feet up and forget about all of those things that men worry about.

This doesn’t just mean going for a massage and having some hot stones placed on the spine. To really open the mind, you could pass on a Father’s Day gift to a yoga and spiritual retreat. This is the type of gift idea that you can get in on yourself. Stretch and breathe and feel the natural world around you.

Perhaps it’s just pure relaxation that he’s after. Any secluded getaway near some hot springs will mean the tranquility of a tent rental while offering the opportunity to go bathe in a natural, heated bath. Vacations in 2023 need to be relaxing.

Gift ideas for Dads this father's day: spa retreat weekend getaway for ultimate relaxing vacation

Enjoy a lakeside camping vacation: top travel gift ideas for Dads

Last, but not least, it’s the epitome of serenity: a lakeside camping vacation. Check out the best Father’s Day ideas and enjoy a lakeside camping rental. Whether you’re interested in a stay at the jaw-dropping Great Lakes or you’re looking for something a little more modest, there’s bound to be something for you. Lake Michigan camping rentals will allow you and Dad to stay on the shores and enjoy the incredible views. Water sports are an option and staying here will certainly not leave you disappointed.

More gift ideas for Dads? Discover the charms of Tillamook Bay: this isn’t quite a lake, but it’s on the Oregon coast and is an idyllic destination for water sports and much more. Located by Tillamook State Forest, there’s plenty to see in this gorgeous area. So what more is there to discover? Whether it’s for Father’s Day 2023 or birthday present ideas, there’s certain to be something to get your imagination going right here!

Lake camping: lake tent rental looks out over mountain camping destination is a great father's day gift
We’ve got you covered when it comes to creative gift ideas. Our holiday gift ideas for spa lovers will make sure that all of your bases are covered.  For the best Father’s Day ideas 2023, check out this link.

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