Things to do on St. Andrew’s Day Bank Holiday Weekend 2021

Ideas of how to spend the st andrew's day bank holiday weekend

St. Andrew’s Day 2021 is approaching, which also means for those of you in Scotland can look forward to a long weekend thanks to the Bank Holiday. But why do the Scottish celebrate the St. Andrew’s Day bank holiday weekend, aside from the obvious third day off? St. Andrew’s Day is celebrated on November 30th each year, which is the day the Apostle was supposedly crucified on an X-shaped cross. An ancient story claims that St. Andrew’s Cross was seen in the sky on the morning of a crucial battle in 832 AD between the Picts and the Angles. The Picts went on to win the battle, and St. Andrew subsequently became the patron saint of Scotland. The national flag of Scotland, The Saltire, features a white X on a blue background. November 30th is also the start of Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas, so it’s a great way to kick off the festive season!

The Scottish flag, The Saltire, features the cross of St. Andrew

How to celebrate the St. Andrew’s Day bank holiday weekend, 2021

2020 hasn’t exactly been the year for vacations, holidays, or getaways to far off places, and with current restrictions in place throughout the UK, it may still be difficult to head north of the wall and to enjoy hiking in Scotland, or a relaxing getaway in the Highlands, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, you can still make the most of St. Andrew’s Day, especially if you’re lucky enough to live in Scotland and get to enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Winter is a great time of year to celebrate all things Scottish. From St. Andrew’s Day to Hogmanay and Burns night, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy some popular Scottish traditions. If you’re unable to get away for St. Andrew’s Day, you can still enjoy some Scottish food and music to mark the day.

Scottish music and Scottish traditions are typical for the St. Andrew's Day bank holiday weekend

Go glamping in Scotland for St. Andrew’s Day, 2021: bank holiday weekend ideas

You never know, a weekend of glamping in Scotland could still be a possibility. With some amazing places to visit in Scotland, you can enjoy a stay in some cozy eco pods and go hiking through the highlands or explore the extensive, rugged coastline of this uniquely beautiful country. To really get into the St. Andrew’s Day spirit, however, the town of St. Andrew’s itself is unsurprisingly the place to be, with week-long celebrations. If you head to St. Andrew’s for the weekend, you can still enjoy a getaway in the Scottish countryside as well. Just an hour from the town, this holiday cottage rental is the perfect placer to spend a restful bank holiday weekend with the family.

Visit St. Andrew's Cathedral on the bank holiday weekend

Plan romantic holidays in Greece for some winter sun

When it comes to glamping, Scotland isn’t the only country that has connections to, or celebrates, St. Andrew’s Day. With that in mind, here are a few wild ideas for the bank holiday weekend. With it being term time, maybe a family holiday isn’t possible, but you can definitely plan a couples’ escape to Greece, and enjoy some winter sun. If you don’t fancy mainland Greece, travel to one of the islands. From Crete to Santorini, holidays in Greece, whether on the mainland or on the Greek Islands, are a great opportunity to enjoy some great food, wine, and weather.

Spend the bank holiday in Santorini

Spend the St. Andrew’s Day bank holiday in Tenerife for an island getaway

St. Andrew also happens to be the patron saint of the Spanish island of Tenerife. In fact, the Tenerife flag is exactly the same as the Scottish national flag. So what better way to spend your bank holiday weekend than with a visit to Tenerife? Spend a few days exploring the best beaches in Tenerife, and with a number of amazing beaches on Tenerife, you’ve got plenty to choose from. Holidays in Tenerife are the perfect way to enjoy some sea air, as well as boasting some amazing wildlife to discover during the St. Andrew’s Day bank holiday.

Plan holidays in Tenerife for the bank holiday

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