Tree Houses with the Best Views

What’s the point of renting an accommodation way up in the trees, you ask? Besides their obvious novelty and potential to fulfill childhood dreams, there’s another reason why tree houses have a certain unique appeal—they provide jaw-dropping, bird’s-eye views right from your front door.

Take a journey with us through the diverse forests of Hawaii, Virginia, and even Australia to experience the Glamping Hub tree houses with the best views. Imagine yourself looking out from one of these treetop hotels, and you will be convinced that there is no other way to have an outdoor getaway. Stay in rustic tree houses, secluded tree houses, and the craziest tree houses for a unique vacation.


Let’s start in Hawaii, where this tree house bungalow is tucked away on the North Shore of Oahu. Not only is it stylish and elegant inside, but it is encircled by tropical scenery that will make you feel like you are the only one, besides the birds, on the planet.


Next up is California, which is home to this glamping tree house situated in the Santa Cruz Mountains. There are few other opportunities to experience redwood trees quite like this, and you won’t be far from the Pacific Ocean either.


Further down south, Kentucky has a charming tree house settled right on the shores of Lake Cumberland. Its unique round shape makes it look like a flying saucer from down below, and its wrap-around deck is perfect for soaking in the phenomenal lake views.


On the East Coast, this tree house for two in Virginia has spectacular views of the famous Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as Dan River Gorge. Its spacious deck allows you to enjoy your morning cup of coffee looking out onto one of the most breathtaking views you’ll ever see.


Cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach these eco-friendly tree houses. Views that overlook the Dordogne River in France will blow you away. They are in perfect harmony with nature, and the breathtaking surroundings are guaranteed to rejuvenate you.


Finally, this luxurious tree house in Australia completes our journey of amazing treetop views around the world. Nestled in the Blue Mountains, it offers an unparalleled perspective of the mountains, rainforest, and gorge down below.

If these tree houses with the best views have gotten you inspired, then consider crossing Europe from tree to tree. You can also check out our list of the top 10 tree houses on Glamping Hub, and check out our tree house getaways portal for inspiration.

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