The 3 Puppy Essentials For Pet-Friendly Vacations in 2021

discover what to buy your dog this summer 2020 for pet friendly vacations

Is your pet feeling a bit stressed from the ruff hustle and bustle of everyday life? Is he or she looking to frolic through the great outdoors where he can bark, lounge, and holler without a worry in the world? Well that’s nothing some pet-friendly vacations in 2021 can’t fix. However, let us tell you about the three puppy essentials you’ll need for such getaways.

If it sounds like your four-legged friend could use some dog-friendly vacations with Glamping Hub, don’t forget to pack these three summer must-haves to make your pet’s fur-cation even better!

Stock up on the best dog food, 2021: V-Dog kind kibble and treats

Have we found the best dog food 2021 has to offer that’s also good for your pup’s tummy and the environment? You bet we have! One of the top dog food brands, V-Dog is vegan so now your pet can be too. Making premium products that are animal and cruelty-free is just one of the ways V-Dog helps your dog contribute to bettering the environment one bone or biscuit at a time. Be sure to buy these yummy treats and doggy bags by the bunch so your dog can be eating the best of the best all summer long.

V-Dog kibble and treats are the best dog food 2020 has to offer

Enjoy those pet-friendly vacations while letting your puppy roam far with a trendy and long retractable dog leash in 2021

They’re hip, trendy, comfortable and will have every other pet barking for more info on where to get these unbeatable dog collars and leashes. A long retractable dog leash will have your pet strutting through the parks without a worry in the world. And you know that it will be the first thing they will want packed for their pet-friendly getaways.

long retractable dog leash for pet friendly getaways

Book dog-friendly vacation resorts with a travel gift card and treat your pet this summer 2021 to more puppy essentials

The best thing you can do for your pet this summer 2021 is to take them to the top dog-friendly vacation resorts. Buying a travel gift card allows your pet to help you decided where the adventure will take you, too. Whether that is a lakeside cabin in New York or a safari tent in Washington, a glamping retreat is calling you and your pup’s names as the best place to truly enjoy their puppy essentials this year.

Glamping with Pets Gift Card for dog-friendly resorts in summer 2020

These three puppy must-haves should be the top of your list this summer 2021. 

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