Summer Solstice 2021: Amazing Festivals Around The World

celebrations at the best summer festivals in the world

The summer solstice June 20th is a celestial event that has been respected for thousands of years all over the world, from the Ancient Egyptians, who believed it was responsible for the vital annual flooding of the Nile, to the Vikings, who would go on fishing expeditions and raids. Even today, it is a time to appreciate the life-giving powers of the Sun and it’s relationship with Earth, which allows every living thing on our planet to thrive. It’s also a time when the warm weather lets us gather with friends and family and enjoy the great outdoors, whether it’s hiking through forests and mountains, serving barbecue lunches, or simply lying on the beach with a well-earned cold beer in hand. So keep reading to find the best place to really enjoy some Summer Solstice celebrations.

When is the summer solstice in 2021?

In 2021, the summer solstice will fall on Saturday, June 20, in the Northern Hemisphere, and these are our favorite unique festivals around the world which you can head to for summer solstice festivals and a summer solstice experience like no other.

1. Discover the Summer Solstice Parade in Santa Barbara, California for one of the most unique festivals in the world

When you’re thinking of places to really get involved with Summer Solsitce, California has something for everyone. Relax in this incredible cabana rental near the beach and enjoy the vibrant floats and summer solstice costumes, as well as live music and dancing at the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Parade! As one of the most unique festivals in the world, you won’t be let down by a visit to this vibrant and colorful parade on the streets of California.

2. Best things to do in North Carolina, 2021: visit the Summer Solstice Festival Greensboro is planning

When it comes to the Summer Solstice, Greensboro is a solid option! A Greensboro Summer Solstice, 2021, will be all the more special with a luxury camping stay in North Carolina, with this cabin near Raleigh where you can discover an artisan market with an array of hand-crafted goods and culinary delights. During a Greensboro, NC, Summer Solstice festival, you can enjoy live musical performances with influences from around the globe, and dazzling fire-spinning displays in the evening! One of the best things to do in North Carolina this holiday season is right around the corner, so be sure not to miss out go glamping NC style!

3. Take full advantage of the best summer festivals Europe is hosting in 2021: Secret Solstice Festival, Iceland

You could easily marvel at the breathtaking mountain and ocean views from a private outdoor hot tub with a unique glass Reykjavík cabin near the Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavík and watch world-class musical acts from a variety of genres. 2020’s acts were to include Alma, TLC, Cypress Hill and many more!

This year’s festival will take place from the 26-28 of June.

4. Astroworldfest 2021 will be one of the most interesting festivals in the world for astronomy lovers

Lovers of astronomy and mystical mythology gather to watch the sun set before rising again on the shortest night of the year at this celebration and one of the most interestive festivals in the world. A calling to all astronomy and music lovers, Astroworldfest 2021 is set to be one of the best ways to celebrate the start of all those summer adventures.

Based in Houston TX, Astroworld lineup and dates are promised to be released soon. Watch this space for more updates!

5. Top Austria events 2021: the mountain fires in Tyrol, Austria

The extraordinary spectacle of the Mountain Fires on the peaks of Ehrwald, Lermoos, and Biberwier in Austria’s Tyrol region is a truly unique sight, with the glowing sculptures reaching a height of 200 meters. Make your Summer Solstice getaway unforgettable by staying in an igloo in the enchanting city of Innsbruck.

6. Come together for the Stonegenge summer solstice for unforgettable English summer adventures in 2021

Gather around the ancient standing stones of Stonehenge and admire the first rays of the sun while joining in the extravagant pagan solstice celebrations. Guests can expect to see displays of flamboyant Aztec and druid costumes, mass yoga sessions, and lively drum circles during these intriguing English summer adventures in 2021.

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