The Best Cycling Routes in the USA, 2022

Best cycling trips

Escaping into the great outdoors means something different to everyone. For some of us, it means hiking through some of the best national parks in the country. Others see it as an opportunity to do extreme sports such as rock climbing or skiing and snowboarding, and there are those of us that relish the opportunity to tackle a winding river with some kayaking, whitewater rafting, or even some canyoning. Summer vacations also open the door to the cyclists among us. What better way to explore the USA than with an epic cycling adventure along a famous route, taking in coastlines, forests, and expansive countryside. We’ve put together a list of our favorite cycling routes in the USA for 2022 so you can start planning your own epic journey.

The best long-distance bike trails

If you’re the type of cyclist that can take a decent amount of time off and explore the great American landscape for a couple of weeks—or longer— keep reading for some ideas for the best long-distance trails for your epic cycling adventure in 2022. Get your bicycle ready, and start exploring!

Two cyclists on an off road cycling trail

Head out on the Pacific Coast Route for a USA cycling adventure

Stretching from Washington State’s border with Canada to San Diego, California, this 1,00-mile route delivers exactly what it says on the tin; mile-upon-mile of stunning Pacific coastline. Hugging the water almost the whole way, the Pacific Coast Route is an incredible cycling route that can even be extended for the most hardcore of cyclists by going into Canada, or down into Mexico. For a truly rustic trip, book a stay in one of amazing tree house rentals in the Bay Area as you head down to San Diego.

Start your cycling trip from the Pacific Coast in Washington State

Cycle across the states along the TransAmerica Bike Trail

First established in 1976 as part of the 200th-anniversary celebrations for Independence Day, this epic cycling trail is over 4,000 miles long. Starting o the coast of Virginia, the TransAmerica Bike Trail navigates the American heartland, the Rockies, and finishes on the stunning Oregon coast. Once you’ve completed this incredible feat, consider a stay in some incredible accommodations perfect for glamping. Oregon is the perfect location to escape into nature and recuperate after weeks on the road.

Stay in an A-Frame for glamping, Oregon

Plan a cycling trip in two national parks with the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway offers an incredible cycling adventure. Joining the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina, it’s a great way to see two of the USA’s most stunning areas of natural beauty. Shorter than the previous two routes mentioned, this cycling trail is about 470 miles long, perfect for a few days away from it all and exploring the great outdoors. If you have a few days extra at the end of your trip, glamping in the Great Smoky Mountains will give you a wonderful getaway to round off your adventure.

Views over the Great Smoky Mountains

Cycling America’s big river: The Mississippi River Trail

A 2000-mile cycling trail, the Mississippi River Trail starts at the river’s source in Minnesota and follows the river down through steamboat country to New Orleans, Louisiana, and the delta. With varied terrain covering road and off-road trails, this 10-state journey is perfect for anyone searching for a challenging adventure. Make your trip even more epic with a stay in a yurt rental near the Mississippi River, and fully embrace life on the open road for your next escape from the hustle and bustle.

Cycling the Mississippi River trail

Our top short distance cycling trails

Unfortunately, we can’t all take weeks off work to explore the entire country, but there are plenty of awesome, short-distance cycling trails in some stunning areas of the country. You can still look forward to a summer vacation of cycling and biking in areas of natural beauty for the perfect getaway.

Cycling from Carmel to Ragged Point on the Big Sur Coast

A good way to enjoy a short stretch of the Californian coast, the Big Sur Coast is a wonderful, 75-mile stretch that takes in the ocean as it crashes into stunning rock formations. Staying in one of our incredible cabin rentals with views of the Big Sur State Park will allow you to explore this great cycling route a bit at a time.

gocycling along the stunning Big Sur, California

Wind your way along the Hogsback Highway, Utah

A fun, 12-mile route, the Hogsback Highway winds through the beautiful Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah, and spoils riders with some incredible views over canyons and sandstone cliffs. You can further explore the national park with a stay in this luxury safari tent, the perfect way to escape into the wild.

Stay in a luxury safari tent in Utah for you cycling adventure

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