Unique Weekend Getaways in Colorado


The state of Colorado is an ideal destination for glampers traveling from near and far. With the majestic Rocky Mountain peaks and thick, dense forests, there is something to explore for every type of outdoor enthusiast. The cities of Boulder and Denver boast amazing access to the outdoors, as well as great restaurants, colorful nightlife, and a terrific independent music scene.

For those more interested in winter sports, the ski resorts of Breckenridge, Aspen, and many more make for a fantastic snowy getaway. Meanwhile, for the intrepid explorer, the endless National Forests of Arapaho, White River, and Grand Mesa are waiting to be discovered. Take a look at these unique glamping accommodations, and start planning your amazing weekend getaway to Colorado!


1. Beautifully Furnished Yurt for a Romantic Getaway near Aspen, Colorado

Those looking to embrace the wild during a romantic weekend getaway to Aspen need to look no further than this unbelievably comfortable and spacious yurt, which features all of the comforts of home. With a large queen-size bed with luxurious linens that boasts amazing, unobstructed views of the white-capped mountains in the distance, this yurt will remain in the memories of guests forever.


2. Safari Tent with Four Poster Bed near White River National Forest, Colorado

Spending the night in a luxury tent not only allows guests to hear and feel the sensations of the outdoors while by also letting guests feel like they are in the lap of luxury. The epitome of rustic elegance, this unique safari tent near the picturesque White River National Forest is perfect for those looking for an authentic camping experience without sacrificing the comforts and amenities of a hotel.


3. Rare Dome Cabin in the San Isabel National Forest, Colorado

For outdoor explorers who venture to this area of Colorado to experience the wonders of the San Isabel National Forest, they will adore staying in this completely unique and interesting dome. Guests who stay here will be able to enjoy roaming the surrounding grounds and savor views of the beautiful mountains and sparse pine forests.


4. Charming Classic Airstream Rental in Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Central Colorado

Classic Airstreams set the mood for a vintage-style weekend getaway. This particular Airstream, set in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, features a retro-looking exterior and boasts a comfortable and cozy interior. Stargazing in the desert has never been so easy, where glampers can spend the evening exploring the skies before settling down for a deep sleep.


5. Luxurious Colorado Tipis Located Between Gunnison and Blue Mesa Lake

Some can only dream about spending their outdoor getaway in a traditional tipi, but now those dreams can be made a reality with these luxurious tipis near Blue Mesa Lake in Colorado. With comfortable beds and convenient outdoor facilities, guests who spend their weekend getaways at this property have amazing accessibility to the surrounding outdoor destinations.


6. Expansive Glamping Compound for Family Retreats in Colorado

Treat the whole family to a fun-filled weekend glamping getaway and make the most of the Colorado wilderness! This impressive glamping compound, which accommodates up to 12 guests, is spacious enough for the whole family while maintaining an elegantly built structure. Guests can roll out a queen-size bed onto the elevated deck and sleep in comfort under the stars and enjoy the sensation of the surrounding Uncompahgre National Forest.


7. Spacious Yurt Camping Rental with Mountain Views on Arkansas River, Colorado

This unbelievably spacious yet cozy yurt is all about location. Located along the Arkansas River with breathtaking mountain views is perfect for glampers looking to get away from it all. Guests can spend their days either hiking in the surrounding wooded mountains or exploring the riverbanks by kayak. Inside, the yurt is fitted with luxurious amenities such as an indoor full kitchen and a bathroom, making this glamping accommodation extremely unique.

From rustic yurts to traditional tipis, glampers will have no issue finding a unique accommodation for their weekend getaways in the beautiful, vast state of Colorado here.

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