Discover CO: Unique Weekend Getaways in Colorado

Weekend getaways in Colorado

The state of Colorado is an ideal destination for glampers traveling from near and far. With the majestic Rocky Mountain peaks and thick, dense forests, there is something to explore for every type of outdoor enthusiast. The cities of Boulder and Denver boast amazing access to the outdoors, as well as great restaurants, colorful nightlife, and a terrific independent music scene. Weekend getaways in Colorado are never a bad idea.

For those more interested in winter sports, the ski resorts of Breckenridge, Aspen, and many more make for a fantastic snowy getaway. Meanwhile, for the intrepid explorer, the endless National Forests of Arapaho, White River, and Grand Mesa are waiting to be discovered. Take a look at these unique glamping accommodations, and start planning your amazing weekend getaway to Colorado!

Visit Colorado: camping in yurt rentals in gorgeous surroundings

Learn the best things about Colorado State: enjoy weekend getaways in Colorado

There’s so much to be enjoyed during weekend getaways in Colorado that it’s worth knowing a little bit about the state itself. Its capital city is Denver and it is home to an extremely diverse landscape of river canyons, arid desert and the famous, snow-covered Rocky Mountains. The best things about Colorado State are too numerous to name in just one paragraph, after all.

It is home to the world’s largest natural hot springs swimming pool and has a climate that varies from place to place. Colorado Winter skiing vacations are famous due to the fantastic ski conditions on top of its many mountains. But there’s still plenty of sun to be enjoyed during the Summer, should you be looking for the top Summer vacations 2021.

Keep reading to discover a pick of some of the best places to visit in Colorado.

Maroon Bell, Colorado: things to do in Colorado

Discover San Isabel National Forest camping trips

This incredible Colorado woodland is located in the central state area. The forest contains 19 of the overall 53 fourteeners (the largest mountains), and is home to Mount Albert. Camping here means staying on the largest peak in the entirety of Colorado. they will adore.

Guests who stay here will be able to enjoy roaming the surrounding grounds and savor views of the beautiful mountains and sparse pine forests. San Isabel camping trips are a top choice for anyone who wants enjoy national forest camping and get back to basics.

You could try staying in this completely unique and interesting dome rental and try glamping in the area for yourself.

San Isabel National Forest: camping trips unlike any other

Check out the Sangre de Cristo Mountains! Rentals that will take your breath away

The stunning Sangre de Cristo Mountains are part of the southernmost rubrange of the Rocky Mountains. Running between Colorado and New Mexico, these mountains are famous for the reddish hues they can take on at sunset or sunrise.

This is referred to as alpenglow and is an effect taken when the snow covering of the mountain interacts with the low levels of light.  Legend has it that the name of these mountains can be attributed to the final words of a priest who was killed by Native Americans some centuries ago.

San Isabel covers part of these mountains as well as Rio Grande. It’s a top destination for Colorado skiing rentals and there are plenty of gorgeous hiking trails to be enjoyed. Mountain camping in Colorado is a top choice for any explorer.


Enjoy the allure of Blue Mesa Lake in Colorado: lakeside cabins are a perfect vacation choice

Now for something a little lower down. The beautiful Blue Mesa Lake can be found along the upper reaches of the Gunnison River. This is the largest lake that is located entirely in Colorado, and is actually an artificial reservoir that was formed in 1966.

Fishing enthusiasts will love visiting this natural feature, with it being a hotspot for Kokanee salmon. Lakeside cabins can be enjoyed in the nearby area so that the wonderful scenery doesn’t go to waste. Vacation ideas 2021 could be far worse than this destination.

Views over Blue Mesa Lake: cabins available for the perfect weekend getaway

Discover the delights of Arkansas River: rentals that will take your breath away

Finishing off the list, it’s the incredible Arkansas River. This east-flowing river is a major tributary to the Mississippi River, and has plenty of features of its own to be enjoyed.

The Royal Gorge is a stunning canyon that begins at the mouth of Grape Creek and continues for around 6 miles down the course of the river. Its craggy surface and granite formations are something that have to be seen in person.

Further down the river, glampers can spend their days either hiking in the surrounding wooded mountains or exploring the riverbanks by kayak. Cabin rentals, yurt rentals, cottage rentals, tree house rentals and much more are all available throughout the state. For the perfect glamping vacation rentals, check out everything Glamping Hub has to offer and book the top vacations 2021!

Royal Gorge on Arkansas River: camping trips for family vacations 2021

Check out more of the best places to visit in Colorado today and book your glamping trip!

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