Staying Off Social Media: 5 Benefits of Glamping in 2021

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Before we discuss the benefits of staying off social media, let’s think about the history of this monumental trend. From 1992, when the first smartphone was developed, and 2007, when the first iPhone hit the market, to today’s plethora of options when it comes to mobile devices of all kinds, there has been a noticeable uptrend—starting in the early 2000s—in our consumption of social media, our app usage, and our need for the latest and greatest in new technology.

We live connected to our devices, and we are constantly worried about being up-to-date about what is happening online at all times—so much so that we sometimes neglect our real lives. It’s hard to acknowledge that we might be losing control and that we have reached a point in which our internet addiction might be affecting our mental health.

Quitting social media for a small period or even indefinitely isn’t a bad idea for those looking for a digital detox in 2021.

How does social media affect mental health in 2021?

In a recent study, the University of Michigan found that the use of social media may “reflect and amplify the levels of narcissism.” Further research conducted by the University of California concluded that the use of phones and laptops disrupts sleep cycles, which leads to sleep disorders.

It doesn’t stop there, however; spending so much time on our devices has more of an impact on our brains than we think. So much so, in fact, that we’ve come up with new buzzwords, practices, and trends to help us modify our dependence and therefore begin our journey staying off social media.

Social media on mental health
Social media on mental health

More and more people are consciously disconnecting from social media and technology to do what is now widely known as a “digital detox.” It has become so common that designated digital detox retreats, hotels, and camps are popping up and rapidly gaining popularity. With luxury getaways specifically designed to help you disconnect from your mobile devices on the rise, why not try going technology-free on your next glamping adventure?

What are the benefits of camping in luxury yet affordable rentals in nature?

So, what are the benefits of camping in luxury rentals in nature when it comes to staying off social media? Glamping is all about being outdoors in a natural setting. With thousands of secluded accommodations in nature—without having to sacrifice any amenities—the last thing you’ll want to do is go online. Here are some benefits of glamping and why it’s ideal for a digital detox.

Benefits of camping
Benefits of camping

1. Life after quitting social media: appreciate nature in 2021 when you go glamping

There is no place in the world where you can find more peace than mother nature. Start your life after quitting social media and enjoy the feeling of being more at one with the real world around you. It is proven that nature has a positive impact on our well-being. Nature heals, it reduces anger, fear, stress, and anxiety. Find the perfect camping cabins USA, UK, and the rest of the world has to offer for your journey reconnecting with nature in 2021.

2. The human connection to nature has a stronger signal! More reasons to stay off social media in 2021

When in the wild, who needs Wi-Fi? Time spent in nature improves the human connection to nature and that of what you have with yourself, your friends and family, and fellow travelers you meet along the way. Without the distraction of your smartphone, you naturally will make space to engage with others, strengthen your bonds with people and nature, and interact with your surrounding environment. These are just a few more reasons to stay off social media in 2021.

3. How to sleep better in 2021: don’t use your phone before you go to bed!

How does social media affect us mentally? Looking at a screen before bedtime tricks your brain into thinking it needs to stay awake, and it prevents melatonin from being released. Without any devices around, all you need to worry about is stargazing as you fall asleep—guaranteeing you a wonderful night of rest and relaxation!

Don’t use your phone before you go to bed!
Don’t use your phone before you go to bed!

4. 2021 self-improvement: live in the moment when you quit social media

Checking social media, email, and other apps takes up so much of our time—so much so that a break from checking them will make you realize just how much time you were wasting refreshing your screen instead of reconnecting with nature: whether you do so from the shelter of a luxury yurt Colorado has to offer or glamping treehouses across the world.

You’ll naturally start to pay better attention to what is going on around you at any given moment and start to pick up sights, scents, sounds, and sensations you were previously ignoring. 2021 self-improvement starts with you beginning to live in the moment when you quit social media for a while.

5. Discover how to improve life skills in 2021 after a break from social media

Without the need to check your phone every two seconds, you’ll be able to focus on you—allowing yourself to have new experiences and try new things. Try your hand at an outdoor activity that you’ve never done before, like stand-up paddleboarding. Challenge yourself to finish two books over the course of a week. Make a new recipe for the first time. The world is your oyster, and you owe it to yourself to have space and time for personal growth.

Can’t head out on a trip right now? Create an outdoor glamping experience in your backyard with this fun party idea. Make sure you have everyone leave their cell phones in a bowl at the door for the perfect day of disconnecting!

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