A Cabin in the Woods: 13 Spooky Places for the Horror Buff Who’s Seen It All

A cabin in the woods for a secluded vacation.

Easily spooked? Scroll down, if you dare… We have unearthed 13 of the most goosebump-inspiring cabins in the woods to inspire you this Halloween season. From an castle-like abode in Dracula’s Romania to a spooky cabin in the woods near Sleepy Hollow, New York, this collection of glamping sites is perfect for those who crave adventure this Halloween!

Keep reading to find the perfect cabin in the woods in the spookiest places

1. Spooky cemetary: The Saint Louis Cemetery, New Orleans

This spooky cabin in the woods is an ideal retreat for two brave, romantic souls looking to escape from all things that go bump in the night. Saint Louis Cemetery in New Orleans is nearby, where you can walk among the dead and their unique above-ground vaults.

An A-frame cabin in the woods next to a cemetary in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, also lives here, and it’s said that if you follow the instructions to wake her from her slumber, she’ll grant your wish. With no TV distractions—and only some solar power for simple lighting and phone charging—take shelter from the dark spirits outside with a cozy stay in this rustic cabin.

2. In search of the ‘Headless Horseman’ in Sleepy Hollow, New York

Situated deep in a quiet forest, this Hudson Valley vacation rental should be on our list based on its supreme seclusion alone, but it’s also only a stone’s throw away from the town that inspired The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!

An Upstate NY cabin rental in Sleepy Hollow.

Around the time of Halloween, there are many thrilling events put on by the town, and with your base in Carmel, you can visit them easily and return to your for a good night’s sleep. This rental is so much more than  just a scary cabin in the woods. Lifelong adorers of spooky stories can feel close to the action while enjoying a peaceful, scare-free slumber.

3. Relive ‘The Shining’: places to stay in Mount Hood, Oregon

If you’ve ever watched the horrifying classic that is “The Shining,” this cabin in the woods for rent may send a chill down your spine. Contrary to popular belief, the movie was shot almost entirely in Hertfordshire, England, but the exterior of the solitary Overlook Hotel was based on the Timberline Lodge in Mount Hood, Oregon.

A cabin rental in Mount Hood, Oregon.

Book this cabin and prepare to embrace your own seclusion in the Hood River area of Northern Oregon. Spending an evening around the cozy, indoor fireplace, while watching the world-renowned thriller inspired by the region, is the definition of a perfect Halloween night. Maybe avoid horror movies in cabins though!

4. Book this spooky cabin in the woods in Narrowsburg, New York

If you’re looking for a cabin in the woods, then this is great option. Though there are no well-known spooky stories set around the town of Narrowsburg, New York, this rustic cabin is sure to inspire any passionate storyteller. If you listen closely, you can hear the woodlands whisper their benevolent secrets.

A spooky cabin in Upstate New York.

We suggest an itinerary of cozying up with scary movies with a big blanket after a day of exploring to turn this cozy, woodland rental into a spooky cabin. With an antique-style kitchen and a wood-burning fireplace inside, as well as a spacious fire pit and riverfront access outside, every spot on this property serves for both inspiration and respite.

5. Visit New Zealand: spooky places to visit on the South Island

Visit New Zealand and check out the spooky places to visit on the South Island. This secluded glamping getaway has floor-to-ceiling glass walls, making it perfect for are cozying up to your partner any time of day. From majestic mountains in the distance to pitch dark skies dotted with shimmering stars, it’s an ideal place from which to prepare terrifying tales and scary cabin stories to share while admiring the surrounding scenery.

A New Zealand accommodation alone in a field at night.

The nearby forests also boast endless hiking trails, so you should be sure to ask the area’s guides and historians about any mysterious local legends that would make for an interesting outing before nightfall.

6. Find a cabin in the woods in Accord, New York

In this fast-paced society, many of us crave solitude when vacationing, and this remote glamping rental, nestled near the Mohonk Preserve in New York, is ideal for those wanting to take a peek back in time. Far removed from city life, this rental offers something different to typical lodges in the woods; it’s easy to enjoy the property’s rustic farm life, rugged terrain, and antique furnishings. This cabin in the woods will have you shaking in your boots, but not from the cold.

A tented cabin in the woods of Upstate New York, covered in snow.

You can even head into town to ask questions about the local history. Meanwhile, the homey, antique atmosphere is sure to inspire even the most reluctant guests to imagine that they’ve time-traveled to a different world overnight.

7. Spooky weekend getaways from Minneapolis, Minnesota

We invite you to venture into the trees and stay at this upscale tree house rental on an old farm. The rental is surely luxurious, but if its walls could talk, it would surely want to share stories about the surrounding woodlands and farmland. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway from Minneapolis, this is the place.

A cabin in the woods for a spooky weekend getaway from Minneapolis.

Settled in the late 1800s, this region of Minnesota is rich with history that speaks volumes in the small-town feel, paired with many museums and cultural sites. While reflecting on a busy day exploring over a glass of wine or hot chocolate, you can share a scary story or two that you learned in town to set the mood for an unforgettable night sleeping in the trees.

8. Paranormal activity in a Monteagle, Tennessee tree house

Paranormal fanatics can gather the crew and get ready to investigate “the most haunted location in Tennessee” when they book this Tennessee tree house.

A cabin in the woods near Monteagle, Tennessee.

This is the terrifying statement made by the website of the infamous Old South Pittsburg Hospital. The best part? It is 20 minutes away from this tree house cabin in the woods of Monteagle, Tennessee, so those not intending to scream are a safe distance away. Whether you’re looking forward to adventuring to the hospital deep into the night or de-stressing in the private hot tub, this tree house cabin has it all.

9. Head for the hills: a cabin in the woods of British Columbia, Canada

Fall can be considered the most beautiful time of year, and with the cool, crisp air, the atmosphere becomes mysterious as the moon rises. Inside this cozy cabin in British Columbia, you will truly feel as if you are escaping from the outside world.

A spooky cabin in the woods of British Columbia.

The moody, mid-latitude rainforest surrounding the cabin sets the perfect tone for slowing down and appreciating the surrounding views. Watching the morning mist rise from the forest floor while enjoying a coffee will stimulate the imagination of any ghost story enthusiast.

10. A Halloween holiday in Argentina

Going on holiday in Argentina? Just you, the one you love, and your own personal slice of rainforest is enough to tempt anyone to embark on a tropical escape. Where neighbors consist of native species who you can hear communicating during nightfall, this Argentina accommodation boasts many opportunities to get close to nature.

A tree house accommodation for a holiday in Argentina.

A relaxing outdoor shower, swinging hammocks, and a private deck allow you to experience all the unknown mysteries the rainforest has to offer from the comfort of a secure accommodation.

11. Visit the home of Dracula in Transylvania, Romania

Do you dare enter the home of Dracula and head to Transylvania? Tread with caution, as it’s easy to get caught up in the tale! This countryside cottage sleeps six, allowing for the perfect spot for history buffs to congregate and share their experiences. Infamous legends of evil kings and vampires are synonymous in this region of Romania, but this property couldn’t be any more secure.

You can leave your bulbs of garlic at home while looking forward experiencing guided tours of Bran Castle, where the mythical Dracula was born, and other local towns, churches, and fortresses that are rich with history.

12. THE cabin in the woods on Vancouver Island, Canada

“The Cabin in the Woods” is more than just a famous horror film—it’s also this accommodation on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

A cabin rental on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Fans of the movie may relish in the idea of a modern-day reenactment with friends—or simply appreciate the luxurious, eco-friendly amenities provided indoors. Sleek furnishings, a warming fireplace, and a modern kitchen will allow even the most easily-spooked to feel at ease.

13. UK short breaks: spooky places to stay in Essex, England

Some of the best UK short breaks are the most unique. With a rich history that dates back centuries, England boasts plenty of spots for Halloween-enthusiasts. This stately barn can be found in the countryside of North Essex, near Colchester, one of the oldest towns in British history. With enough room to accommodate a group of fear-loving friends, the location is perfect for seeking out spooky excursions.

A barn accommodation for UK short breaks.

You’ll find yourselves close to the haunted mansion of Borley Rectory—the most haunted mansion in Britain, due to its ghost stories that span over one hundred years. The property is also only 30 minutes away from the Tower of London, one of the U.K.’s most petrifying locations.

Which of these cabins in the woods will you visit this Halloween? Find the best spooking camping near you!

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