Best Vacations in Mexico for a Fall Getaway

Book your vacations in Mexico for fall 2020

Summer 2022 is starting to wind down. Just because the summer is over, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t look forward to an awesome fall vacation somewhere warmer. We’ve put together a list of ideas for vacations in Mexico in the fall. Whether you’re planning family vacations or romantic getaways, keep reading and find the perfect Mexico destinations for a fall getaway in 2022.

Discover the best places to go in Mexico

Vacations in Mexico are a great option for fall if you want to soak up some more summer sun. Fly south of the border for a fall getaway and enjoy a vacation in the best places to go in Mexico. Start planning a Mexico vacation.

Air travel is still permitted between Mexico and the USA

Plan romantic fall vacations in Mexico

The best thing about fall vacations? Fewer people and fewer crowds, so it’s easier to visit sights and attractions while enjoying Romantic vacations. In Mexico during the low season, you and your partner can look forward to a quiet vacation after the summer furor of family vacations in July and August. Explore the Riviera Maya, enjoy exploring the city of Cancun, and most of all, enjoy being able to head out on romantic getaways again. After a difficult few months of quarantine and lockdown, both you and your partner have earned the right to some respite in one of the best places to travel in Mexico.

Plan romantic vacations in Mexico

Plan fall trips to Cancun in 2022 for your Mexico vacations

Cancun, Mexico, is set on the Yucatan Peninsula, perfect for a beach vacation. With plenty of things to do in Cancun, Mexico vacation spots don’t come much better than this for getting out and about and enjoying the best activities the Mexican coast has to offer. Get out of downtown Cancun with a stay in a unique glamping accommodation, and then head to the beach, don your snorkels, and explore the turquoise-blue Caribbean waters. To explore the stunning waters further, get involved with some scuba diving to visit the Underwater Museum for a unique exploration of these stunning waters during the best Mexico vacations.

Plan Cancun vacations for Fall 2020

Book a Cabo trip for a fall vacation in 2022

From late September on, a Cabo San Lucas vacation could be the perfect way to enjoy an escape for fall vacations. In Mexico, much like some states in the USA, there is a wet season that can see small hurricanes hit the Pacific coast from July, which still sees temperature highs of over 90° Fahrenheit, to September, so a Cabo trip is better in the spring, or at the end of September and beginning of October. With beaches and rugged coastline, Cabo vacations are a great way to enjoy an escape to the Pacific coast for a fall vacation in 2022.

Book this great villa for the perfect vacation in Mexico!
Enjoy the great weather in El Pescadero at this ocean-side villa, Baja California Sur Mexico

Go to Tulum for the best fall vacations in Mexico

Fall vacations in Mexico, as we’ve already seen, are pretty idyllic. But a visit to Tulum, Mexico, could very well be one of the best places to vacation in Mexico during the fall. Of all Mexico destinations, Tulum seems to have been built for the fall. With lush jungle and stunning beaches, this little touch of paradise in Quintana Roo stays warm even into November with temperatures ranging between 80 and 90 Fahrenheit. With ancient ruins, yoga studios, boutiques, and some world-class restaurants, there are plenty of things to do in Tulum. Vacation ideas for fall don’t get much better than this!

Plan a trip to Tulum for fall vacations in Mexico

Escape to Puerto Vallarta for a fall getaway in 2022

With temperatures varying between 90 in the day and 66 in the evening, fall is the perfect time of year to head on a Puerto Vallarta vacation to get the last of the summer heat before winter begins. Puerto Vallarta is nestled on a stunning bay giving visitors the perfect beach vacation in a gorgeous part of the country. With a number of great things to do in Puerto Vallarta, whether you head here for a family vacation, or for romantic getaways, everyone will leave feeling rejuvenated and ready for the cooler months ahead.

Sunset over Puerto Vallarta

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If you’re staying stateside and on the hunt for a cozy cabin, these will fulfill all your fall needs. Great places to camp and glamp are just around the corner!

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