The Best Holidays in Valencia for Summer

The medieval gate of the city of Valencia

What better way to celebrate the warm weather and summer holidays than by heading to the best beaches in Spain? From the north to the south, a weekend getaway to the Balearic Islands is a surefire way to spice up the holidays. Or plan the best holidays in the Canary Islands to enjoy the best summer holidays can offer. With beaches, historic towns, and stunning countryside, holidays in the Valencia region, offer tourists a bit of everything. So keep reading and visit Valencia for some unforgettable Mediterranean days in the sun.

A view of Peñiscola from one of the beaches in Valencia

Things to do in Valencia City in the summer

It makes sense to start our Valencia travel guide in the city of Valencia itself. There are plenty of things to do in Valencia city, with a number of amazing sites and museums to visit. The stunning Valencia cathedral is a fine example of the historic architecture of the Valencia region and is sure to give any history buffs in the group a thrill. Valencia has the perfect balance between modern and medieval. The City of Arts and Sciences is well worth a visit for a family day out. As well as being one of the more fascinating museums in Valencia, the architecture of the building is well worth the visit. With a number of incredible bars and restaurants in the city center, you can embark on a tapas tour of the city, or tuck into a traditional paella to round off your day enjoying the best Valencia holidays.

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

Enjoy a family day out at Valencia Zoo

For the perfect kid-friendly day out when you visit Valencia, take the kids to Valencia Zoo. Covering 25 acres, the zoo was designed to give animals habitats as close to their natural habitats as possible. With landscaping designed to make tourists and visitors feel as though they have stepped into an African safari, you’ll be able to view animals in almost barrier-free landscapes typical to Savannah, Madagascar, and Equatorial Africa. The different species aren’t kept in separate enclosures, instead, they co-exist as much as possible as they would in the wild. Who would have thought that you could spend your holidays in Valencia seeing lions, giraffes, antelopes, and rhinoceros all living together, gorillas in dense forests, and even hippos and crocodiles cooling off in the water?

A baby elephant in the Valencia Zoo, perfect for the whole family during your holidays in Valencia

Head to Gandia and discover the best beaches in Valencia

Let’s be honest, when we think of Spanish Holidays, one of the first images that inevitably comes to mind is the incredible beaches in Spain. Well in Valencia, a trip to Gandia is the best way to visit the best beaches in Valencia. A Gandia beach vacation offers tourists over seven kilometers of coastline to explore. The city may not be the most well-known in the Valencia region, but with beaches like La Playa Norte, the small but beautiful Playa de Venecia, or Playa Rafalcaid, the perfect destination for kitesurfers, your holidays in Valencia can be spent experiencing some of the best beaches in Spain.

A view of a Gandia beach from the ocean

Things to do in Alicante; holidays in Valencia

Home to yet more of our favorite Valencia beaches, Alicante is pretty well-known to tourists from the UK, and with good reason. This stunning part of the Valencia region has plenty to offer. With some amazing beaches in Alicante as well as surrounding mountains and countryside, this is a great spot for family holidays in Valencia for the perfect summer. With plenty of things to do in Alicante, holidays can be spent relaxing on the beach, exploring the city, or enjoying the surrounding countryside, something that often gets forgotten during holidays in Spain. Alicante city offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy gourmet food tours and segway tours of the city, restrictions depending, and for a day on the water, a kayak tour of Playa La Granadella is a great way to enjoy the stunning blue waters and rugged coastline of this beautiful part of the region.

A seagull overlooking one of the beaches in Alicante.

Visit Morella and Castillo de Xàtiva during your holidays in Valencia

For a quiet day during your holiday escape in Valencia, visit the stunning small towns of Morella or Xàtiva. These are the perfect way to see another side of the Valencia region. The town of Morella is famously cold during the winter. However, during the summer if the temperatures are typically Mediterranean. Similarly in Xàtiva, the town boasts the Castillo de Xàtiva. The castle stands out on the double-peaked hill overlooking the old town. Arguably one of the most interesting castles in the Valencia region, the ruins of the battlements hide stunning gardens. Making it the perfect place for a quiet picnic in stunning surroundings.

The citadel in Morella, a quiet spot to visit on your holidays

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